This one is a hardy perennial. Every year there’s lots of chat in the press about the lack of rail services on Boxing Day.

We have long argued that unless someone is brave and starts to build this market then we will always be stuck. Boxing Day in increasingly a shopping day, going to see friends and family day, and for some unlucky ones a going to work day.

Maybe the services don’t stack up in terms of the costs of the operation but with the economy in the doldrums, giving folk some transport choices would be good.

So well done to the Department of Transport and Southeastern Trainssome fast services will run on the high speed line into St Pancras on Boxing Day – and come on the rest of the industry! What can you do? Build it and they will come..?

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  1. Ian Raymond says:

    Antony, you seem to have missed that for many years there’s been a boxing day service out of London to Gatwick and Brighton! At least, unless the plugs been pulled on it this year – unlikely as in the past few years they’ve actually had to add extra carriages. (OK, hardly comprehensive, but surely deserves a mention and adds weight to the argument for other services).

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