Trains are still being cancelled by London Midland due to staff shortages. Despite assurances the company says it is difficult to get staff to volunteer to work on New Year’s Eve.

It is a strange industry where the manpower is short so you can never actually be sure you can run the timetable promised! London Midland and its staff must get back to a situation as soon as possible where the railway can be relied on.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, press London Midland to try and publicise the changes as much as possible as well as minimising the pain. At least train tickets can be used on local buses to get you home on New Year ’s Eve.

As this goes on we will seek further compensation for passengers – however, the best thing is to get all the trains running as promised.


  1. Ian Batten says:

    But today, LM are not saying the problem is lack of staff willing to work overtime, rather they claim their problem is “short notice sickness”. If they’ve been telling PF the problem is lack of volunteers, but telling passengers that it’s sickness, that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

  2. Karen Kelly says:

    I have to travel between cradley Heath and Birmingham moor street on London midland. The service is a joke. When trains are cancelled I asked about compensation and was told to catch a bus. If I would have wanted to catch a bus i would have paid a much smaller amount for my 4 weekly pass. London midland are a joke. If I performed as poorly as them at work I would be sacked.

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