Passengers should take their litter with them. However, check out the state of this Greater Anglia train on Sunday as it departed from Liverpool Street. In addition, the door buttons did not illuminate so many passengers were stressfully jabbing away not knowing when the doors had been released. But look at the state of the interior! Sweating the life out of assets can only be taken so far – would anyone choose to travel like this?


  1. Ian Edwards says:

    It is a disgrace! 30 trains short formed yesterday and 38 today following on from the debacle of Mon/Tues…… the following twitter feed regarding GA Complaints….over 1,000 followers and growing rapidly……check out their photos of recently refreshed stock that is falling to bits already!


    It is now beyond a joke – Abellio need to sacked instantly!!!!!


  2. James says:

    Simply search twitter for tweets sent to @greateranglia and you will quickly get a sense of the dissatisfaction of hundreds of passengers every day. Passenger Focus needs to be effective in fostering positive change for the benefit of passengers over the profits for the TOC, let alone the premium payments back to DfT. The current rail franchise model, particularly the agreement applied to East and West Anglia, gives passengers the worst of both worlds – a barely tolerable public service with a private business model that generates excessive profits from, effectively, a monopoly, giving no tangible re-investment. As Chief Executive of Passenger Focus, we look to you to successfully lobby DfT and TOCs to give us the clean, comfortable, reliable, value for money rail service we pay for and deserve.

  3. Barry Smith says:

    With the exception of the rubbish on the floor,mi can’t see anything particularly wrong with the interior? Bit of sensationalist reporting?

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