• Rail travel value for money

    How satisfied were you with the value for money of ticket you used on the last journey you made by train? 

  • Train company staff helpfulness and attitude

    How would you rate the helpfulness and attitude of staff on board your last train journey?

    • 28.1% Very good

    • 22.7% Fairly good

    • 12.5% Neither good nor poor

    • 13.3% Fairly poor

    • 23.4% Very poor

  • Bus fares

    We've heard a lot recently about increased rail fares. But some bus fares have gone up too - do you know if yours has and, if so, by how much?

    • 4.5% Yes, I had lots of warning

    • 31.8% Yes, I found out when I last caught the bus

    • 36.4% I assume that it will go up but I don't know much about it

    • 4.5% I don't think mine is going up

    • 4.5% I know mine isn't going up

    • 18.2% I won't know until I turn up

  • Christmas travel plans

    If you will need to get a train through the Christmas period, when will you start making your plans?

    • 61.1% I've already done it!

    • 16.7% I'm thinking about it now

    • 16.7% I'll do it two weeks before

    • 5.6% If I remember, I'll book it the day before

  • Satisfaction with tram travel

    How satisfied were you overall with the last journey you made by tram?

    • 43.9% Very satisfied

    • 24.4% Fairly satisfied

    • 12.2% Neither good nor poor

    • 7.3% Fairly dissatisfied

    • 12.2% Very poor