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Complaining about your train journey

Contact the company involved

If you have a complaint about the railway or the service you have received from a train company then you should contact the company involved. Most complaints can be resolved by dealing directly with the company responsible.

Tips for making a complaint

You will need to contact the right rail company first. National Rail Enquiries gives a list of all the train operating companies. The National Rail Enquiries journey planner can also tell you which train company you need to complain to and provides their contact details.

If your complaint concerns a station then you will need to know who manages it. Use the National Rail Enquiries station finder to do this.

The following sources may help you find out if you have a valid complaint:

When making your complaint, try to include as much detail as you can. If you have copies of your tickets and receipts this will also help.

If your complaint concerns information given by a customer service helpline or the National Rail Enquiry Service then make sure you include the date and time of your telephone call and the full number of the phone you called them from. This will make it possible to trace your call and  may help speed up the handling of your complaint.


  • if you have been given a reference number please use it
  • keep copies of any letters and e-mails sent
  • don’t send original receipts or bank statements, only photocopies and consider getting proof of delivery
  • if you don’t get a reply within 10 working days then  contact the company to make sure they have received your letter.

What should I say?

You should always try to include as much information as possible

  • the reason for your complaint
  • a description of the inconvenience caused
  • the date and time of your journey and which stations you used
  • how many people travelled with you
  • explain anything you have already done to try and resolve the matter
  • an explanation of the action you would like the company to take
  • any other relevant details.

What if I’m still unhappy?

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint or you do not feel the train company handled it appropriately, then we may be able to help.  Please see our page on taking your complaint further and also our FAQs.

What information do you need in order to review my complaint?

The exact information we need depends on the nature of your complaint. Below is a list of the most common things we need so you should try to provide each of these things. We will let you know if we need further specific information

  • a summary of the way your complaint was handled including copies of all letters/tickets/documentation involved
  • a summary of why you are not happy with the company’s response or outcome to your complaint.
  • the action you would like the company to take and what would resolve the matter for you
  • any other relevant details you may have.

Contacting us about your complaint

 Please see our advice and complaints section.

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