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If a problem occurs on your journey you should raise it as soon as possible with the relevant rail company.

If you need to pass through barriers at your destination station, tell rail staff that you need to keep your tickets after your journey, as you will need this to support your complaint.

Contact the train operator via email, phone or telephone, in line with its Complaints Handling Procedure which can be found on its website. Ensure that you mention the date, time and route of the train on which you were travelling and the full details of what has caused you to complain. Keep a copy of your letter and of any tickets or other documents you send.

If you are unsure which company is responsible, or if it concerns more than one, contact any of the companies concerned. That company can then either arrange to deal with it on your behalf, or to pass it on, or refer part of it to another company. If it passes it on, it should tell you what it has done, why, and where it has been sent.

It can take up to 20 working days for some companies to respond. In more complicated cases, or if a lot of detail has to be researched, it may take longer than this. The company should tell you if this is so, and when it hopes to respond fully.

Delayed or cancelled trains

If you are delayed on your journey you may be able to claim compensation. Check the train company’s Passenger’s Charter to find if you are entitled. Conditions vary between companies about:

  • the length of delay before compensation is paid
  • whether the type of delay entitles you to compensation – some will pay only if the delay was the fault of the rail industry
  • the percentage of the fare refunded as compensation

If you had booked assistance for your journey and it was not provided as requested, or not provided at all, compensation may also be due. Check the Disabled Person’s Protection Policy of the company which let you down. This can apply whether or not you were delayed.

If the response from the rail company disappoints you, please contact us:

0300 123 2350

RTEH-XAGE-BYKZ Transport Focus PO Box 5594 Southend-on-Sea SS1 9PZ

Enclose copies of the correspondence between you and the company and of any documents. Explain what you feel would be a satisfactory outcome. If we think that you have a valid point we may be able to take the matter up on your behalf. You can find our online webform here.



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