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I have lost my season ticket. Can I get it replaced or refunded?

If your season ticket is lost the train company which sold you the ticket may, at its discretion, issue a duplicate season ticket provided that:

  • the lost season ticket is valid for at least a month,
  • you inform staff at the ticket office where you bought your season ticket, giving any explanation of the loss, as soon as you reasonably can,
  • you agree to return the lost season ticket immediately, if you find it, to the ticket office where you bought it and
  • you pay an administrative charge.

Only one duplicate ticket will normally be allowed in any 12-month period. However, train companies will not issue more than two duplicate season tickets in any 12- month period in any circumstances.

Different arrangements apply in the case of electronic season tickets – such as those issued on Oyster cards.  If the ticket has been registered, it is usually possible for it to be cancelled and replaced. Full details are available from the point of issue.

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