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How to claim a refund or compensation if you are affected by Northern strike action

Strike action has caused disruption to many Northern passengers’ journeys. Passengers who have had delayed journeys or who had a ticket but chose not to travel, or were unable to, may be eligible for compensation or a refund.

Read our guide on eligibility and how to claim.

Claiming compensation or a refund if you decide not to travel on a strike day

If you decide not to (or you are unable to) travel with Northern on a day affected by strike action and you already have a valid ticket then you are entitled to claim a refund or compensation:

  • Season ticket holders – you are entitled to compensation equivalent to a day’s travel. You can apply by completing Northern’s online form here or by completing and returning a Freepost Delay Repay Form (available here or at stations). If you did not travel because of strike action you should specify a delay length of 2 hours to receive the appropriate compensation.
  • Other ticket holders (singles/returns/advance tickets) – you can get a full refund (no administration fee will be charged) from the point of purchase. Northern have more information here.

Claiming compensation if you experience a delay

Under the current Delay Repay scheme operated by Northern, passengers delayed by 30 minutes or more against the published timetable, regardless of the cause, are entitled to submit a claim for compensation. It is important to note that on strike days the timetable against which you can claim may be a revised ‘strike timetable’ not the normal timetable.

The delay is based on the time you should have arrived at your destination rather than the delay to a specific train – so it includes delays caused by missing connections and when trains are cancelled.

The amount payable depends on the length of the delay.

For delays of 30 to 59 minutes

You will be entitled to either one single ticket to anywhere on the Northern network or 50 per cent of the single ticket price or, if you have a return ticket, 50 per cent of the fare paid for the delayed leg (in other words the outward or return portion).

For delays of 60 to 119 minutes

100 per cent of the single ticket price (or if you have a return ticket, 50 per cent of the fare paid for the delayed leg), or two single tickets to anywhere on the Northern network.

For delays over 120 minutes      

100 per cent of the fare paid irrespective of whether it is a single or return ticket or two return tickets anywhere in the Northern network. More details can be found on the Northern website here.

For season ticket holders compensation is calculated on the proportional daily cost of the ticket.

Compensation can be paid in a number of different ways (for example cheque, National Rail voucher, cashable rail vouchers or free tickets for travel with Northern). You will get to choose when you fill in your form.

You must claim within 28 days of your delay.

Applying for a refund or compensation

We would urge everyone to claim what they are entitled to.

The easiest way is through the Northern website. Click here for more details.

Still not happy with your claim?

If you do not receive what you think you are entitled to, please contact Transport Focus. We may be able to take the complaint up with Northern on your behalf.

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