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Is your journey on Southern improving? Tell us your story

During recent months that Southern Rail passengers have been suffering delays and cancellations due to the strikes, we have been monitoring the situation and asking passengers how they have been affected.  We have conducted different types of survey to capture the human side of the dispute and to identify the key issues.

Transport Focus is seeking passengers’ views on Southern services through the National Rail Passenger Survey and our Transport User Panel. To get involved sign up here.

We continue to feed this back to the industry and Government and press for improvements for passengers.

Are you claiming compensation?

Due to the significant levels of disruption for much of 2016, Southern are compensating customers who have travelled regularly on the Southern network. To qualify, customers must have held at least 12 weeks’ worth of season tickets between 1 April and 31 December 2016. Click here for more information on how to claim.

Our latest Transport User Panel survey into how aware Southern passengers were of the compensation scheme found three quarters of those responded knew something about the compensation. Click here to see the full results.

Delay repay 15

If you choose to travel and your journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more you are entitled to compensation from Southern. This includes those journeys, made on a strike day, where you have travelled with another operator using your Southern ticket. Click here for more information.

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Our Transport User Panel research highlights the real impact the Southern industrial action is having on passenger’s daily lives. Over 630 passengers completed the survey supplying strong quotes showing their frustration.

“I don’t care anymore who is in the wrong or right – commuters are the ones being punished.” Southern passenger

Southern conceded that our research is not easy reading.

Transport Focus is also working with both train operators to improve passenger information during disruption, particularly concentrating on better provision of useful information before passengers arrive at their departure train station. We agreed on the call that Transport Focus will carry out another survey in a few months to measure if developed action plans are having an impact.

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The latest strike by the RMT union on Southern Rail, Northern and Merseyrail is due to take place on 8 April 2017.

Passengers are urged to check the details of their journeys before they travel on the following link:

Your rights to compensation

If you are travelling on Southern and your train is delayed or cancelled you may be entitled to compensation. Click here to read our step by step guide on how you can claim.

Compensation for Southern 2016 season ticket holders

Southern Railway Season ticket holders who have travelled regularly on Southern network are entitled to additional compensation due to the severe levels of disruption experienced in 2016.

What are Southern offering?

Passenger can claim compensation against the cost of their 2016 season ticket(s).

To qualify passengers must have held a minimum of 12 weeks of season ticket validity between 1 April and 31 December 2016. Season tickets do not need to have covered consecutive weeks/months, however the total number of weeks held must  total 12 weeks’ between the qualifying dates.

Click here for further details.

We have been carrying out research to understand what Southern passengers really think of their services.

What you think matters. Everything we do is supported by evidence provided by our insight work.

Browse and download our latest Southern passenger insight reports here.

National Rail Passenger Survey

Our latest National Rail Passenger Survey highlights declining passenger satisfaction with peak time performance on Southern services.

The new analysis shows that satisfaction is significantly lower for passengers that travel into London during peak hours. Punctuality, value for money and dealing with delays for peak time passengers are particularly low for certain companies:

  • Punctuality on Southern: 30 per cent
  • Value for money on Gatwick Express: 12 per cent
  • Dealing with delays on Southern 12 per cent.

These figures mirror the passenger experiences in a turbulent period affected by industrial action, reduced service levels and poor performance.

Click here to see all of the survey results or alternatively download our analysis of peak and non-peak passengers in London and the South East here.

Southern Rail industrial action – Transport User Panel survey

Following months of strikes on Southern Rail we wanted to understand how passengers feel about the industrial action affecting Southern train services.

In December 2016 Transport Focus used its Transport User Panel to survey passengers on Southern services during the strikes. We have used this insight to explore in detail the impact of the industrial action on passengers’ daily lives, including what alternative travel arrangements they have made as a result of the strikes and whether passengers feel that the information they were given was effective in helping them to understand the impact of the strikes.

Click here to find out more.

Southern National Rail Passenger Survey supplementary report

In September, Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling MP asked Chris Gibb to head up a project board to improve the performance of Southern Rail. As part of his review, Chris Gibb asked Transport Focus to assist him with ensuring the passenger perspective is included. One strand was to boost the sample size on a number of Southern routes of the National Rail Passenger Survey that was already out in the field.

Click here to see the research.

London and the south east passenger panel survey

We’ve also spoken to Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Southeastern’s and Southern passengers to monitor passenger satisfaction with train performance across London and the south east.

We asked passengers travelling on the routes to find out about disruption and delay to their train services, which sources of information they trust and how easy passengers find claiming Delay Repay compensation.

The Rail Minister, Paul Maynard MP has asked Transport Focus to work with Govia Thameslink Railway and Southeastern to improve this.

Click here to view the report.

Late into work every day or maybe you have lost a day’s pay? Why not apply to be a part of our Transport User Panel and tell us about how the current disruption is affecting your journey.

To get involved sign up here.

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