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Trans-Pennine Express (TransPennine Express)

What is happening now?

In December 2015 the Department for Transport (DfT) awarded the Trans-Pennine Express franchise to First. The new contract began on 1 April 2016, under the name TransPennine Express (TPE), and runs for seven years.

Our ongoing work

Now the new franchise is in operation we continue to use our rail research to ensure that it has passenger priorities at its heart. Key to this are the NRPS results that are presented and discussed with TPE, highlighting areas that need improvement. We also hold meetings to discuss performance, both on a regular and proactive basis and to react to any poor performance.

We continue our statutory role in helping passengers with their unresolved rail complaints. Where a passenger has been unable to resolve their complaint directly with TPE we work with them to achieve a better outcome for the passenger. We use the information from these ‘appeal’ complaints to help TPE understand the root causes of unresolved complaints and continuously improve the customer service they provide.

Our National Rail Passenger Survey gives a twice-yearly perspective on passenger satisfaction across the network.

Transport Focus research and publications

December 2015 Transport Focus response to Northern and TransPennine award announcement
August  2014 Passenger Focus response to the TransPennine Express and Northern franchise consultation
May 2014 Passenger Focus presentation to potential bidders for the TransPennine Express franchise
December 2012 Research into passenger views of Northern and TransPennine Express rail franchises
November 2012 Breakdown of data, from research conducted within the TransPennine Express area

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