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Don’t miss out on the compensation you’re due when your train is delayed.

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Transport Focus's Make Delay Pay campaign aims to raise passenger awareness of compensation for delayed and cancelled train journeys, persuade more rail users to claim what they are entitled to and ensure train operators streamline the claims process through easier online and automated systems.

Make Delay Pay report

Too many rail passengers miss out on the compensation they are entitled to. Transport Focus’s Make Delay Pay report calls on train operators to let every passenger know how and when they can claim and make the process of claiming quicker and easier.

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Your Stories

“I realise it can be done online, but the compensation on a season ticket isn't worth the bother.”

“Money returned is so low it's a waste of my time.”

“I can't really be bothered to claim these days. My time is more valuable than the compensation I'm likely to receive.”

“Life's too short. When I have made claims in the past, the amount of evidence and wait time required has been irritating.”

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