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Make hay while the sun shines: preparing for extreme weather

As more balmy spring weather warms up, it’s a good time to remember that winter is always coming.

As we seem to be in a period where weather patterns are changing, the Government and transport providers need to think more about how to deal with these extremes and, just as important, what information is given out to transport users.

My colleague Guy Dangerfield, our head of strategy, recently spoke at a conference about weather resilience across all transport modes. Transport Focus knows quite a bit about this subject, having done insight work on this across rail, bus and road.

Strong themes emerge across the modes from Transport Focus work in this area:

  • strengthen infrastructure to withstand worse weather
  • learn and practise how to sort out problems more quickly
  • tell people what is going on in plain English and be honest!

By the looks of it, all of us are going to get more practice at this!


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