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Recent articles from or about Transport Focus. Click here for an archive of older articles.

Rail Professional

August 2015: Interview: David Sidebottom

Route One

July 2015: Punctuality: Don’t ignore it

Transport Times

June 2015: Will devolution make a difference to passengers?

Coach and Bus Week

June 2015: Rail’s squeaky wheels get the most grease!

Logistics and Transport Focus

June 2015: Transport Focus: the road ahead

Rail Professional

June 2015: One time?

Transport Times

May 2015: Good showing for trams in latest passenger survey

Rail Professional 

May 2015: Promises, promises… building trust in franchising

Sunday Times

March 2015: Raging at roadworks? Then whistle up the new watchdog to give those cones a quizzical sniff


February 2015: Rail users ‘are being treated like criminals’


January 2015: 2015 – a Happy New Year for passengers?

Transport Times

April 2015: Survey points the way to successful bus services

Transport Times

March 2015: Rail industry needs a fairer approach on tickets

Transport Times

February 2015: Discovering the hidden causes of bus hold-ups

Transport Times

December 2014: Where the writ of market forces does not run

Transport Times

November 2014: Passengers happy, but bus use is still declining

Rail Professional

November 2014: Disruption: the moment of truth

Modern Railways

October 2014: Pick of the TOCs

Passenger Transport

October 2014: Value is passengers’ top improvement priority¬†

Rail Magazine

February 2015: DfT lauches consultation into penalty fares… as Passenger Focus makes plea for penalty fairness

October 2014: No trust, no surprise

September 2014: Train operators must build trust, says Passenger Focus

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