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Future of transport

28 March 2013

Our exploration of future trends and their potential impact on passenger expectations of travel, and particularly public transport, remains dynamic and thinking continues to evolve.  Passenger Focus has therefore established this section of this website to host information about various aspects of this study and provide readers with the flexibility to access different elements of the work according to interest.

There are four main sections - we suggest you look at ‘The future of transport overview’ first.  Even on its own this will give you an understanding of why and how we conducted the research - as well as possible implications stemming from the research.

For more detail, you can then look at the ‘macro trends’ and ‘micro trends’ sections, and see how these trends relate to peoples’ lives in the ‘future stories’ section. We then invite you to visit our forum to join the discussion.


The World Around Me : Macro factors of change

My Future Life: Major trends in how we’ll live

9 Future Stories

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