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Our insight

What you think matters. Everything we do is supported by evidence provided by our insight work. We carry out a wide range of activities to find out what matters to you.

Browse, search and download our road user and passenger insight reports.

Much of our work is done yearly, so we can track data over time and spot the impact of change. You can interrogate this data via our data hub. If you want to analyse National Rail Passenger Survey data, using filters that matter to you, try our analysis tool.


We have a growing collection of insight into the needs and experiences of users of the Strategic Road Network in England. We represent all road users, from horse riders to heavy goods vehicle drivers.

Browse all of our work on road users so far or go directly to:

We speak to around 50,000 rail passengers, 40,000 bus passengers and 5000 tram passengers a year to get a picture of satisfaction with these types of transport.

We ask about a specific journey, both overall and in terms of very specific aspects such as staff availability, the state of the stop or station, and punctuality. This allows us to benchmark service levels over time.

It also allows us to address issues that are raised – for example, seeing how the introduction of a new type of train affects passenger satisfaction.

Click here to use our explorer tool to investigate the data. Click to download the most recent satisfaction results for:

We are developing a new road user satisfaction survey to sit alongside our passenger satisfaction surveys.

Until 2016 this was measured by the government’s National Road User Satisfaction Survey (NRUSS). We have now taken this on. Read more about our work to develop the new survey and transition between the two.

As well as tracking passenger satisfaction, we explore elements of your journey in depth – for example, we looked at bus punctuality when it became clear that it was a common worry across the country.

Alongside this we carry out in-depth research into transport user experiences and needs for the future, resulting in lists of top priorities.

Browse our work here.

Passengers increasingly expect services to be delivered to them in smarter ways as technology becomes a bigger part of everyday life.

We believe that the introduction of smarter ticketing in public transport could make life easier – and cheaper – for passengers. For this to happen though, it is essential that any smarter ticketing schemes are well designed and properly implemented.

In order to make sure that the passenger is at the heart of the development – that products are designed for ease of use rather than what is convenient to administer – we are working on a wide-ranging smart-ticketing research programme, on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT).

Read more.

Transport Focus is a transparent organisation and we publish all of our insight work.

As well as the full and summary reports, you can search rail and bus passenger satisfaction results in more detail using our data explorer tools. The tools also allow you to explore the complaint appeals we have received for each train company.

You can find full data sets from our National Rail Passenger Survey and the complaint appeals we mediate.

You may also be interested in our more technical research analysis tool ‘Reportal‘, which includes the last three years’ core NRPS results.

As the independent watchdog, we want to know what you really think.

We carry out regular ‘traditional’ research involving questionnaires for people making certain journeys.

We also have an online panel for transport users across the country to get involved and give their views. As a member of our Transport User Panel we would regularly send you surveys and we will use the information you provide on these to influence those who make decisions about the way in which transport is managed.

All information which we collect is held securely and used for research purposes only.
If you are interested in signing up to our panel, please click here.

Our research is rigorous. We follow the Market Research Society’s code of conduct and, where we use independent agencies, they also follow this code.

This means that people are approached directly, usually as they make a journey. We use representative samples, which means that data is weighted to reflect the relevant transport-user population.

We design our research to be fit for purpose. To understand satisfaction, we talk to around 95,000 passengers whereas other research requires a deeper look with a smaller group. For HS2, we created a small, carefully selected panel of 40.

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