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This year we will talk to over 140,000 transport users in the course of our research and rail complaint handling. Our work plan sets out the programme of insight, and how we will use it to influence decision-makers, funders and your journeys.

A big focus will be to deliver new, digital ways of gathering insight, including via social media engagement and ‘emotional tracking’. We have started to build a large-scale online panel of transport users for fast feedback. We will bolster existing passenger surveys and create a new road user satisfaction survey.

  • National Rail Passenger Survey: The next wave will be published on 24 January 2017 (for June 2016 results, see the infographic here).
    Transport Focus is also working on an update of this survey. We commissioned a technical review of the survey (click here) and ran a public consultation, which closed in September.
  • Bus Passenger Survey: Autumn 2015 survey published in March 2016. Click here to see the latest results.
  • Tram Passenger Survey: 2015 survey published in May 2016. Click here to find out more.
  • Pilot Strategic Roads User Survey (SRUS): We are currently in the development stages for a parallel test of two methods that will run during summer 2016, to inform the new Strategic Roads User Survey (SRUS) that is due to commence in early 2017. A methodological evaluation of the pilot results will be published in late 2016.
  • National Road User Satisfaction Survey (NRUSS): Transport Focus is now responsible for running the National Road User Satisfaction Survey (NRUSS). The survey was successfully transferred from Highways England to Transport Focus on 1 April 2016 and is currently planned to continue until March 2018, when it will be replaced by the new Strategic Roads User Survey (SRUS).
  • Driver Behaviour and Attitudes Literature Review: The purpose of this literature review is to gain an up-to-date picture of the evidence currently available on road user views and experiences of driver behaviour and attitudes. It will focus on the areas highlighted as needing more research and consideration in the Department for Transport literature review in 2010 Understanding public attitudes to road user safety, as well as other aspects of interest to Transport Focus following its research in 2015 on Road User Needs and Experiences and Road User Priorities for Improvements.
  • Road user input to Highways England’s 18 Route Strategies: We are carrying out research about the problems and issues experienced by users of the motorways and major ‘A’ roads in England to help shape the 18 Route Strategies – a key input to the Road Investment Strategy for 2020-25 (second Road Period). This is funded by Highways England and will provide both the company and Transport Focus with a better understanding of users’ perspectives of current problems and issues, where those problems and issues are, and how users consider they need to be addressed within the second Road Period. The aim is to reflect the user view in the 18 Route Strategies for the second Road Period. Findings for this research will be published in 2016.
  • Incidents and roadworks – the road user perspective: The research was carried out in February and March and will be published in 2016.
  • M20 Lorry Park proposal (the relief for Operation Stack): We are carrying out research to understand what facilities the likely users of the M20 Lorry Park would like to see provided. It was carried out in late March and we plan to publish the results mid-2016.
  • Summary of priorities for improvements among non-motorised users: Interviews with organisations representing non-motorised users is ongoing.