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Road User Voice May 2016: Learning the Dutch way to manage roadworks

Improving the way roadworks are managed is a top priority for road users, so we recently contributed to a workshop about how roadworks are managed in the Netherlands.

At the event we found out what the latest innovations were and best practice which could be adopted on England’s roads.

We presented a view to the delegates about understanding roadworks issues from a road user’s perspective, followed by a series of presentations on the Dutch ‘Minder Hinder’ programme which is effectively seven pillars of stages to managing roadworks to minimise the effect on motorists.

  1. Smart planning: How roadworks are planned and managed on an area-wide basis to minimise disruption.
  2. Smart construction: Demonstration of minimal traffic congestion is a core part of the contract quality evaluation.
  3. Mobility management: Demand management strategy specified by the highways authority.
  4. Efficient traffic management: Active management to prioritise flows and junction movements to optimise network on area basis, and incident scenarios.
  5. Effective customer communication: Multi-channel engagement programme.
  6. User-friendly communication in roadworks: Engaging effectively with motorists through affected parts of network.
  7. Regional co-operation with local authorities: Building collective responsibility for effective network management.

The event was organised by design and consultancy firm Arcadis. It was attended by representatives from Highways England, the Department for Transport, roadworks contractors, Transport for London and other interested organisations.

Transport Focus wants to see improvements for motorists driving through roadworks and will continue to encourage various approaches and improvements to be considered on the Strategic Road Network in the future.


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