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Road signs not up to scratch? We want to know when you see signs on motorways and major ‘A’ roads that need fixing or that you find confusing.

Report your issue on our map and we’ll press Highways England to sort individual problems and get policy changed so these things don’t happen in future.

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How can you get involved in the campaign?

The Sort My Sign campaign aims to increase the usefulness and effectiveness of information on roads, including messages on electronic signs. This will allow more road users to make informed decisions in plenty of time, improving safety and reducing stress.

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 What do road users think about the current state of signs?

 Can you read these signs at 70mph?

Take our test to find out:

Your Stories

“I am a taxi driver, my regular journey is mostly Stansted Airport, a four lane motorway has been changed to a two to three lane motorway and the signs along this journey are awful.”

“I have had to make last minute lane changes that were less safe than I would like, but have also chosen to miss exits altogether and return via the next exit. In my view motorway exit signs are not best placed for visibility.”

“Sometimes the trees and bushes cover the permanent signs, they need to be removed.”

“It was not obvious that the junction was there so I had to quickly pull in in front of a lorry to get into the left hand lane to take the junction.”

Road user voice

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