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Our website is for everybody

We want our website to be accessible to everyone. To make it easy to use and view, our site conforms to the RNIB’s ‘See it Right’ standard. The See it Right accessible website logo represents our commitment to best practice website accessibility. An accessible website is one that anyone can use regardless of their abilities or the technology they use to access the site.

We’ve designed our pages to conform to a minimum AA compliance rating as specified by the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Our site is designed to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (1995), as required by the Disability Rights Commission. This Act states unambiguously that private and public sector websites must be accessible.

Accessibility validation

This site is written in valid HTML5 and CSS3, conforming to the W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (v1.0) for standards compliance and accessibility. This site is AA-rated and complies with all Priority 1, all Priority 2, and most Priority 3 checkpoints.

Font resizing

This site supports manual resizing of screen fonts. Internet Explorer users can access this facility through the View > Text Size menu. Many other browsers support this feature by pressing Ctrl and the + or – keys, however please refer to your browser Help if this is not the case.

Accessibility software

  • JAWS – Screen Reader for Windows.
  • Lynx – Text only web browser with Braille support.

Accessibility information