What you think matters. Everything Transport Focus does is supported by evidence provided by unique insight work and a wide range of activities designed to find out what matters to road, rail, bus and tram users.

Browse, search and download a wide range of Transport Focus insight research reports on our publications page.

Until the pandemic, much of our work was repeated at least once a year, so it is possible to track trends over time and spot the impact of change. You can interrogate the data from these ‘tracker’ surveys via the Transport Focus data hub.

We also have our own Transport User Panel, a range of transport users across the country who we can call on to get their views about specific issues. Panel surveys enable Transport Focus to get a quick sense of events happening ‘in the moment’ and are sometimes used to support findings collected through larger and more complex research projects.

Our insight activities

Explore our latest data in detail on the data hub.

Explore the results of our surveys and create your own charts. Includes the rail and bus passenger surveys, strategic roads user survey and the motorway services user survey.
See more and explore our latest data in detail on the data hub

Insight Team