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About us

We are the independent transport user watchdog. Our mission is to get the best deal for passengers and road users. With a strong emphasis on evidence-based campaigning and research, we ensure that we know what is happening on the ground. We use our knowledge to influence decisions on behalf of passengers and road users to secure improvements and make a difference.

We have offices in London and Manchester. We tweet @transportfocus and you can also follow our Chief Executive, Anthony Smith, @anthonysmithTF. Sign up here to get email updates or our newsletters.


We use the evidence we gather through our research, and the rail complaint appeals we handle, to influence decision-makers on your behalf. We focus on a number of key issues, including:

  • performance and disruption
  • fares and tickets
  • quality and level of services
  • investment.

For example, our Passenger Power! campaign saw changes to the rail franchising process for a greater emphasis on customer service.

In May 2018, following rail timetable changes that rescheduled almost half of Britain’s train services, we began monitoring implementation closely. Following the unprecedented spate of delays, cancellations and confusion we pressed train companies to provide effective compensation and act swiftly to deliver stable timetables and reliable services.

We carry out research to make sure everything we say is backed up by evidence. Large scale surveys include the National Rail Passenger Survey, where over 50,000 rail passengers a year give us their views about their rail journeys, the Bus Passenger Survey and the Tram Passenger Survey.  From this, we also explore elements of your journey in depth – for example, we looked at bus punctuality when it became clear that it was a common worry across the country.

Alongside this we carry out in-depth research into transport user experiences and needs for the future, resulting in lists of top priorities. This work includes our National Road Users’ Satisfaction Survey (NRUSS) and Motorway Service Users Survey (MSUS). The results of both these surveys are used by our stakeholder managers to highlight where action and investment are required to deliver improvements for road users.

If you make a complaint and you are unhappy with the response we may be able to take up your complaint with the rail company involved.

Click here to see some case studies of passengers we have helped recently and here to see how our passenger advisors handle complaint appeals.

You can look up complaint appeals we have received for each operator on our data tool here.

We have existed in one form or another since 1947! We were formed by the Transport Act as the Central Transport Consultative Committee (CTCC) plus a network of regional Transport Users’ Consultative Committees. Over the years we have changed our name as we took on responsibility for bus, coach and tram passengers, and then road users.

Read more about our history here.

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