Transport Focus Business Plan

21 June 2024

Transport Focus has published its new Business Plan which sets out an exciting programme of work over the next three years.  The Plan marks a key milestone for the organisation with a new leadership team and a refresh of the organisation’s structure.

Our commitments to transport users are to work with the people who run the country’s transport network to:

  • Improve transport in ways that matters most to users: This means improving satisfaction in the end-to-end experience for people who travel by bus, train and by road.
  • Make transport safe and accessible for everyone who uses it: Investigating and improving the experience of personal security on bus and train and making travelling by public transport and road far more accessible.
  • Minimise the impact of disruption: When bus and rail passengers are disrupted or drivers encounter significant delays of any kind, every step is taken to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.
  • Make sure all transport users are listened to: Understanding the barriers to travel, particularly in underrepresented groups such as disabled people or those who are digitally excluded.


Transport Focus - Business Plan summary report 100624
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