Motorway services play an important role for drivers up and down the country. Transport Focus carries out a large-scale annual survey, the Motorway Services User Survey, on the visitor experience at 120 services in Great Britain.

Most of us have felt tired or hungry, run short of fuel or just needed a comfort break when on a long drive. Some of us plan where to stop in advance, returning to services where we have had a good experience in the past, or where we know what services and brands to expect, but others take pot luck. Whatever our approach, the good news is that most of us will be satisfied with what we find when we pull off the motorway for a break, and many will leave happier, and more relaxed.

Motorway Services User Survey 2023

We’ve spoken to over 30,000 visitors in our survey to find out how satisfied they were with their overall experience, how good or poor the facilities were, and changes in drivers’ mood between arrival and departure.

Our research looks not only at how satisfied visitors are overall, but also at the detail of what makes users satisfied, as well as ranking MSAs by individual site and by operator.
Find out more in our Motorway Services User Survey

Use our map below to plan where you should stop on your next journey.

Click on the number to see how each motorway services is rated in the survey or to find the highest and lowest rated sites in the country.

People having something to eat inside a motorway service station.
Making a difference for road users

Transport Focus uses the survey to make the case for improvements and help operators focus on the things that matter most to visitors. When Transport Focus started measuring motorway service visitor satisfaction in 2017, the lowest overall satisfaction score at any site was 62 per cent. In 2023 the lowest site score was 84 per cent.

The survey data shows that visitors have noticed these improvements and the investment by motorway service operators over the last seven years since we started the survey. In 2017 six out of ten motorway services scored 90 per cent or more for overall visitor satisfaction, in 2023 more than 90 per cent of services have this high level of satisfaction.