Passenger Focus board meeting

11 March 2009

There will be a Passenger Focus board meeting on Wednesday 11 March 2009. The location will be the Holiday Inn King’s Cross/Bloomsbury, London. Please note this meeting starts at 10am.

The meeting is held in public and you are welcome to observe the proceedings.

Please find below links to the relevant documents.

If you would like to attend the meeting as an observer please contact our London office using the details below by Monday 9 March 2009.

Relevant documents

Agenda – 11 March 2009

2 – Board meeting minutes – 10 February 2009

3 – Board current action matrix

6 – Corporate plan

8 – Audit committee minutes 24 November 2008

Contact Details

Belema Alamina
0870 336 6047
11 March 2009
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