Passenger Focus board meeting

14 October 2009

There will be a Passenger Focus board meeting on Wednesday 14 October 2009. The location will be Whittles House, 14 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9HF.

The meeting will start at 10am and will be held in public so you are welcome to observe the proceedings.

Please find below links to relevant documents.

If you would like to attend the meeting as an observer please contact our London office using the details below by Monday 12 October 2009.

Relevant documents

Agenda – Passenger Focus board meeting – 14 October 2009

2 – Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 16 September 2009

3 – Action matrix

6.1 – Passenger Link report – First Capital Connect

6.1a – First Capital Connect datasheet

6.1c – First Capital Connect – National Passenger Survey results

6.1d – First Capital Connect – Drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

7.1 – Passenger Link report – National Express East Anglia

7.1a – National Express East Anglia datasheet

7.1b – National Express East Anglia – Network map

7.1c – National Express East Anglia – National Passenger Survey results

7.1d – National Express East Anglia – Drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

8.1 – Passenger Link report – First ScotRail

8.1a – First ScotRail datasheet

8.1b – First ScotRail – Network map

8.1c – First ScotRail datasheet

8.1d – First ScotRail – Drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

9 – South East England bus pilot project briefing

10 – Bus policy manual

Contact Details

Shivani Kaushik
0300 123 0858
14 October 2009
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