Passenger Focus Board Meeting – Birmingham

16 June 2010

There will be a Passenger Focus Board meeting held in the Water & Light suite of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Queensway, Birmingham on Wednesday 16 June 2010.

The meeting will be held in public and you are welcome to observe the proceedings.

If you would like to attend the meeting as an observer please contact our London office using the details below by Monday 14 June 2010.

Please find below links to relevant documents:

Agenda – Passenger Focus Board meeting – 16 June 2010

2 – Minutes of meeting held 12 May 2010

3 – Action matrix

7 – Bus Passenger Director’s review of passenger and industry facing work for April and May 2010

8.1 – Passenger Link report – Government office – West Midlands region (bus passenger representation)

8.1a – West Midlands region – Context

8.2 – Passenger Link report – Government office – East Midlands region (bus passenger representation)

8.2a – East Midlands region – Context

10 – Passenger Link report – Government office – North West region (bus passenger representation)

10a – Merseyside context

11 – Rail infrastructure and operations for passenger benefit

The final minutes for the above Board meeting can be read at Board meeting minutes – 16 June 2010.

Contact Details

Matt Ayson
0300 123 0824
16 June 2010
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