Passenger Focus rail forum – rail services from Shrewsbury

18 July 2006

Passenger Focus is holding a forum to examine some key issues for train travellers using rail services operating from Shrewsbury. Attendees will be given the opportunity to debate each of the topics and pose questions to the presenters.

The main focus of the meeting will be to debate continuing difficulties on rail services running between Aberystwyth and Birmingham New Street, as well as consider potential solutions. In addition to these discussions, there will presentations and discussions centred on the Wrexham Shropshire and Marylebone Railway – a proposed open access service to London and the role of Community Rail Partnerships in developing rural lines.

Speakers at the event will cover

  • What can be done to improve performance on the Cambrian Line?
    (Speaker: Mike Bagshaw, Performance and Planning Director, Arriva Train Wales)
  • Can Community Rail Partnerships make a difference to the future of rural lines?
    (Speaker: Sheila Dee, Community Rail Officer, Chester-Shrewsbury Partnership)
  • Does WSMR answer the needs for London rail services from this region?
    ( Speaker: Andy Hamilton, WSMR Project Director, Laing Rail)

Contact Details

Simon Pickering
0870 336 6095
18 July 2006
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