Disrupted journeys

06 April 2022

Unplanned delays

If your booked train is delayed or cancelled before your journey starts, and as a result, your travel plans will be upset, station staff should assist you. They can amend your assistance booking to allow you to travel by a later train or on another day, as you prefer. If the station is unstaffed, you should phone the company’s assistance line and explain the problem.

Your ticket will be refunded in full if you decide not to travel at all because of delay or cancellation. It can be endorsed, if necessary, for travel on a different train.

Engineering work

If planned engineering work affects your journey, the assistance booking staff will do what they can to minimise any inconvenience. If buses are replacing trains for part of the journey and you find them inaccessible, the company will provide you with a suitable accessible alternative over the affected part of the journey. This is irrespective of whether you have booked assistance.

Emergency engineering work is sometimes necessary. In such cases, train or station staff will assist you in revising your journey plans. Where necessary they will arrange an accessible alternative if trains are not running, and you cannot use the replacement buses. At times and depending on location, this may take some time to arrange.