I left my season ticket at home and had to purchase another ticket. Can I claim a refund for the extra ticket I purchased?

02 May 2018

If you do not have your season ticket or photocard with you when asked by train company staff, you will be treated as having boarded the train without a ticket. You should buy an appropriate ticket for that day’s travel. If you later take the season ticket, photocard and the extra tickets you purchased, or the penalty fares notice issued, to the relevant train operating company, it may refund any fares paid less a reasonable administration charge. No more than two such claims will be considered in any 12 months.

If you use a Flexi Season ticket and you lose or forget your ticket (Smartcard or app on a phone) you will need to purchase a new ticket in order to make your journey. You will not be able to claim a refund for the extra ticket. If you have a Flexi Season ticket on an app on your phone, you can download the app on to a new device and still access your account, including your tickets.