If your booked passenger assistance fails

03 September 2014

At the departure station

If staff do not meet you at the time or place booked, find another member of staff if possible – the ticket office or at the ticket gate is usually best. If this is unsuccessful, use the help point if one is available or phone the company’s assistance helpline and explain the problem.

Getting on (or off) the train

If you are not confident to do so, we do not recommend that you try and get on or off the train alone. You should always be wary of other passengers attempting to assist you; they may be well-intentioned but may not be able to assist you properly or advise the best way to board or alight.

With a wheelchair
We advise against attempting to get a wheelchair on or off a train unless properly deployed ramps are available – unless the floor of the train is absolutely level with the platform. You should be wary of accepting assistance from untrained fellow passengers.

Always check when getting on the train that the ramps are located at the doorway nearest to the space designated for wheelchairs. The appropriate doorway should be marked by a recognisable version of the ‘wheelchair’ pictogram.

On the platform

If you feel that you may have been forgotten about, try and attract the attention of a member of staff or ask another passenger to do so. Use the help point if one is available or phone the company’s assistance helpline if you cannot find staff.

On the train

If staff are available on the train try and attract their attention as they pass through the coach or ask a fellow passenger to try and find them. Use the intercom, if provided, to speak to on-train staff or phone the company’s assistance helpline.

If you had booked assistance for your train journey and it was not provided as you requested, or not provided at all, you may be able to claim compensation. This can apply whether you were delayed or not. Each train operating company should make this clear in their Accessible Travel Policy. Check the policy of the company you booked with.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint or you do not feel the train company handled it appropriately, then you can contact the Rail Ombudsman.