Christmas 2014 rail disruption report – Passenger Focus response

12 January 2015

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Passenger Focus, said:

“Passengers caught up in the disruption on 27 December deserve a full, clear explanation. People bought tickets or relied on the rail industry’s promises and were badly let down and, in some cases, seemingly left to fend for themselves.

“Network Rail’s report has been produced quickly and is clear about the rail industry’s failings. There was no reliable Plan B at King’s Cross, so Finsbury Park was pressed into action. At Paddington confusion reigned. Overall few staff were around, information was patchy at best and no-one seemed in overall control. Passengers and government are pouring billions into the railways – they deserve better than this.

“We passengers understand that sometimes engineering works will go wrong. The acid test is how the industry deals with these situations. On the basis of this report and the events on the day the industry has a long way to go to restore trust in how it handles these events.

“Passengers will want to see clear evidence that the lessons learned are being acted on now. In the meantime passengers involved should claim compensation from their train company. Send a clear message to the industry this was not acceptable.”


Network Rail publishes Christmas passenger disruption investigation report

Passenger Focus’s initial assessment of information provided to passengers during the disruption 

Passenger Focus is asking for feedback from passengers affected by this disruption – click here to take part

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