East Midlands franchise – Passenger Focus submission and research

30 March 2015

Passenger Focus believes that when rail franchises are awarded it is vital that the needs of passengers who use and pay for the trains are placed squarely at the heart of the contract.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a rail passengers’ perspective as discussions take place about how the East Midlands franchise should develop in the next two years under the short-term ‘direct award’ franchise. Passenger Focus has produced a document providing high-level analysis and making a number of recommendations for the direct award period.

The context for this submission is framed by two pieces of passenger research: the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) and Rail passengers’ priorities for improvements. Both evidence passenger perspectives and priorities. We also draw on additional qualitative research amongst East Midlands Trains passengers which the Department for Transport asked Passenger Focus to carry out in late 2014. The latter provides further, more detailed information about passengers’ current experiences and their aspirations for the Direct Award.


Passenger Focus’s analysis and recommendations for the East Midlands franchise

Research among East Midlands Trains passengers (includes the research agency slide deck)

Results of a feedback exercise in which aspirations and views of East Midlands Trains passengers were gathered via the Passenger Focus website

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