Fare rise warning for Northern Rail passengers

11 August 2014

Passenger Focus is warning passengers travelling on Northern Rail that they could be hit by fare rises of over 100 per cent on some routes.

David Sidebottom, Passenger Focus’s passenger team director, said: 

“We have urged Northern Rail to concentrate on collecting fares owed to them before putting up prices. Our 2012 research in the North of England found that passengers were already confused about fare structures and rules, this move will add to that confusion. Passengers were also frustrated that fares go uncollected either because there are no ticket facilities at the station, or because passengers cannot find a guard to sell them a ticket.

“Investment is needed to improve services for passengers across the North of England. However, disproportionate fare increases for some passengers before there is any visible benefit from that investment seems premature as the affordable ‘turn up and go’ railway is eroded. The debate on funding needs to focus on the trade-off between what passengers put in and what they get back. And it needs to involve them from the start.”


Northern Rail: Changes to Off-Peak Tickets

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