Great Western franchise – Passenger Focus response

03 October 2013

Today the Department for Transport announced that First Greater Western Ltd will continue to run trains between London, the Cotswolds, the south west and south Wales until 2015.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Passenger Focus, said:

“We know that, for most passengers, the key thing is that trains keep running, turn up on time, and that they are able to get a seat. They will welcome the certainty and stability this extension to the Great Western franchise will bring but may be disappointed that they have an extended wait for some of the benefits that will accompany the longer franchise when it is finally awarded.

“It is important that this short-term extension is used to prepare and deliver a better, more passenger-focused franchise where the passenger voice has been heard and taken into account. As one of the main funders of the railway, it is crucial that passengers’ needs and expectations are at the heart of services. We want to see passengers kept informed of what is going on and how they can have a say in the process.”


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