Have your say on East Coast rail services

04 December 2013

East Coast rail passengers are invited to have their say on services in the first online feedback exercise of its kind.

As the independent watchdog, Passenger Focus has been pushing for Passenger Power! – boosting the passenger voice in rail services.

 Now we are working with the Department for Transport to collect passengers’ personal, local experiences of stations, trains and customer service and give the information to the companies bidding to run services from February 2015.

We have already provided our research on what passengers want in future, and our National Rail Passenger Survey shows what existing passengers think of key areas of service. This online feedback (https://www.transportfocus.org.uk/key-issues/passenger-power) will now give passengers and potential users the space to describe their own experience and share thoughts on improving it in the future.

Chief executive Anthony Smith said:

“We have long said that as one of the main funders of the railway, passengers’ voices must be heard. Passengers tell us they want more information and more of a say in big decisions made on their behalf.

“This is a good opportunity for people to let companies know what they actually want from future services.”

Companies bidding to run the route will be able to see and analyse the feedback – with all personal or identifying details removed – and use it to propose a service based around what passengers want.

We will publish the raw data on our website shortly after the deadline for feedback on 27 January.


Passenger Power? Have your say on the East Coast main line franchise from Passenger Focus on Vimeo.

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