Office of Rail Regulation’s passenger information assessment – Passenger Focus response

28 March 2013

Anthony Smith, Passenger Focus chief executive, said:

“Passengers will be reassured that the Office of Rail Regulation has found widespread commitment to improve the quality of information.  The acid test is how this translates into greater accuracy and more timely, consistent information to passengers before they travel, while they are at the station and when on the train itself.  Passenger Focus will monitor progress over the winter and we will continue pressing the rail industry to deliver better information and focus more closely on the needs of passengers at times of service disruption.

“In our last national passenger survey, overall satisfaction with how train companies dealt with delays was 37 per cent.   This needs to be improved and we know it can be done, with London Midland increasing its previous year’s score by 17 percentage points.”


Office of Rail Regulation – Rail companies make positive steps to improve passenger information

Service disruption and how it is handled by the rail industry is a key issue for Passenger Focus. Please click the link below to see our work on this issue:

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