Passenger Focus response to the Office of Rail Regulation’s (ORR) report on ticketing

11 June 2012

In response to the Office of Rail Regulation’s (ORR) report on ticketing, David Sidebottom, Passenger Focus director, said:

“Passengers will welcome these findings as they corroborate much of the research carried out by Passenger Focus in recent years. This new work will add extra momentum to the rail industry’s existing efforts, spurred on by Passenger Focus’s work, to reform fares and ticketing. Passengers will be pleased to see the rail industry’s attempts to dispel the haze of uncertainty that surrounds some rail ticket purchases. With seven out of 10 passengers surveyed unaware they can only travel on one train only with an Advance ticket, and with only a quarter of passengers confident of when off peak starts and ends, there is much work to be done. Ultimately passengers will be the judge of how effective these proposed measures are and Passenger Focus will continue to monitor passenger views.”

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