Passenger satisfaction drops again

25 June 2015

Poor performance, especially in the south east, has led to another drop in rail passenger satisfaction.

Transport Focus, the independent watchdog, surveyed more than 31,000 passengers in spring 2015 and found that overall satisfaction had dropped.

Key results are:

  • overall satisfaction is 80 per cent (down from 82 per cent in spring 2014)
  • satisfaction with punctuality is down to 75 per cent (from 77 per cent in 2014) – this figure drops to 65 per cent for commuters
  • value for money ratings continue below the half-way mark, at 45 per cent.

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said:

“Commuters will not be surprised at these results. Long-term plans and investment are important and welcome – how the work is carried out, though, is crucial.

“The London Bridge rebuilding scheme in particular has caused problems. We’re now working with train companies and Network Rail to try and minimise the impact on commuters.”

Following months of disruption in the south east area, Transport Focus is part of a taskforce to help tackle it. Set up by rail minister Claire Perry, the group will focus on immediate improvements for long-suffering passengers in this region.

As part of this work, we will develop ways to get instant feedback that will sit alongside the National Rail Passenger Survey and will help us monitor whether improvements are being felt by passengers.

Supporting material available:

  • reports analysing punctuality and performance (by operator and for GB) – available on our website soon
  • at-a-glance guides to overall performance in Great Britain, and by operator
  • further infographics are being posted on Transport Focus’s Twitter account –

All of the above are available for use in print/online with a Transport Focus credit.


South east stats:

  • less than half of passengers were satisfied overall with London Bridge station (49 per cent – down from 64 per cent in 2014)
  • overall satisfaction with the journey for passengers who started their journey at London Bridge station was 59 per cent – down from 70 per cent in 2014
  • in London and the South East, satisfaction with punctuality was 73 percent – down from 75 per cent in 2014 – but for commuters it was 64 per cent.
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