Passenger Voice February 2016: What next for Passengers’ Charters?

29 January 2016

Passengers’ Charters need to be made clearer and more accessible for passengers according to our latest research. 

Our latest report, What next for Passengers’ Charters?, finds that charters are still relevant but do not deliver information in the most effective way.

We are recommending the compensation section and the complaints section of Passengers’ Charters need to be given greater prominence within the document.  Passengers’ Charters should be promoted more through different ways such as links on the back of train tickets

The Department for Transport asked us to undertake this review of Passengers’ Charters to help understand their continued role and usefulness in the context of consumer protection and passenger rights.

The introduction of Customer Reports has raised questions about the future purpose of Passengers’ Charters since both documents cover some of the same areas in terms of passenger rights.

Any new franchises (or franchise renewals) are now required by the Department for Transport to issue a Customer Report at the start of their contract and provide updates on this at least yearly.

Click here to download the report.


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