Passenger Voice July 2015: Case Study

06 July 2015

Mr H arrived at East Boldon station ten minutes before his journey to Newcastle with Tyne and Wear Metro and tried to purchase a ticket from the station ticket vending machine.

Each time he attempted to buy a ticket, the machine cancelled Mr H’s transaction. Aware that he could be fined for travelling without a ticket, Mr H filmed his third attempt to purchase a ticket and then boarded the train he had planned to take in order to make his connection at Newcastle.

When he arrived at Newcastle, Mr H approached staff to purchase a ticket and was issued with a Penalty Fare Notice.

After Mr H’s appeal with Tyne and Wear Metro was declined, he contacted Transport Focus and we approached Tyne and Wear Metro on his behalf.

After reviewing of the footage Mr H had taken of the machine not working and our appeal on his behalf, Tyne and Wear Metro agreed to waive the Penalty Fare Notice and refund the £20 already paid.


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