Passenger Voice May 2015: Anthony Smith’s editorial

30 April 2015

Transport Focus has arrived!

Transport Focus is now in action – reflecting our new remit to represent users of the Strategic Road Network in England, alongside our existing public transport user work.

We have published our first piece of road user research, launched our new monthly newsletter Road User Voice and modernised our website. Have a look and tell me what you think. The research shows that, not surprisingly, many similar themes about information, engineering works and capacity are emerging.

Our passenger work continues as reflected in our workplan for 2015-16. We are going to focus on a number of key objectives:

  • use our Bus Punctuality Project to focus attention on improving the passenger experience
  • further strengthen the user voice in rail passenger franchise replacement and monitoring
  • boost the voice of bus passengers by reaching a record 50,000 passengers in the Bus Passenger Survey
  • enhance the usefulness and value for money of the National Rail Passenger and other surveys, piloting new research methods
  • continue to handle rail complaints where the train company and passenger are deadlocked – achieving over 70 per cent satisfaction with the way we work.

Through all this we will be user focused, build up evidence and aim to be useful to those that make decisions about transport. That way we can make a difference for all transport users.


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