Passenger Voice May 2015: PLUSBUS user research

30 April 2015

Passengers love it, but more publicity is needed, is the message from PLUSBUS ticket users.

Our research found that 90 per cent of PLUSBUS users are either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied with the integrated ticket. It offers passengers unlimited bus and tram travel in towns and cities from which their rail journey starts or finishes.

We wanted to explore how passengers who had bought a PLUSBUS ticket currently used it, the key reasons for and against buying it, and how they found out about the product. We also looked at potential PLUSBUS users’ awareness of the ticket and what would encourage them to purchase PLUSBUS in the future.

The report highlighted that:

  • 43 per cent of rail passengers are aware of PLUSBUS
  • 70 per cent of PLUSBUS users own a car, showing that the ticket encourages people to opt for the bus rather than driving
  • 20 per cent of prospective PLUSBUS users said they would buy a ticket having recently been introduced to it. 

The research can be found here.


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