Passenger watchdog urges rail travellers to check now to avoid fare rises next year

28 November 2012

Many passengers soon to renew their rail season tickets are again facing price rises that will, in some places, feel steep.

This is in spite of the welcome Government decision to limit regulated fares in England to an overall limit of the inflation figure plus one per cent, rather than the three per cent that was previously proposed. It also appears that train companies are exercising some restraint by not using the full flexibility they are allowed to adjust season ticket fares on individual routes.

Passenger Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said:

“Passengers will feel this pain.  After years of above-inflation fare rises, fresh increases are piling pressure on already high fares. Government and the rail industry must now work together to deliver on the welcome promise to get fare rises in line with inflation.”

Currently 42 per cent of passengers are satisfied with the value for money of their ticket – and this drops to just 29 per cent for commuters. 

The new prices for off-peak and other fares should be available early in December – it will then be clear if the apparent restraint shown on season ticket levels has fed through to other ticket types.

A good consumer tip from Passenger Focus – check the price of your season ticket, and if it is going up, buy your ticket by 1 January  to pay this year’s prices. This could save you pounds!

The press notice shows changes on a selection of season tickets. Please tell us about your fare changes – up, the same or down? Check out our forum to share your  experience with other passengers.

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