Rail passengers still need better information to boost confidence in their travel

02 April 2014

Today we publish the summary of some research carried out with the Office of Rail Regulation which looks at the experience of rail passengers as they plan journeys, purchase tickets and use information whilst travelling. It shows that journey purpose is a key factor in deciding whether to use a train. It is generally chosen for the reliability of journey time, ease of travelling door to door and cost. Passengers use websites as their preferred way of planning journeys.  However, the ticketing structure and the complexity of restrictions is confusing. 

Passengers need access to accurate information to increase their confidence in getting the best ticket at the best price. A full and understandable explanation of ticket types and restrictions should be easily available. For many, but by no means all, this can be via apps. It would also increase passengers’ confidence in getting the best ticket price if they were able to compare different options more easily. 

Please click the link below to download the summary report.  The full report will be available from mid April.


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