Rail Review progress update

16 July 2019

Commenting on Keith Williams Rail Review speech in Bradford and the Office of Rail and Road’s advice to the Review on accessibility and compensation, Anthony Smith, chief executive of the transport user watchdog, Transport Focus, said:

“Passengers will welcome the potential for increased local and national accountability, passenger focus and the boosting of their voice that Keith Williams has outlined. The initial push for fares reform must now be renewed as flagged up in Transport Focus research during the Review.

“However, the acid test of all these changes will be when passengers feel sustained, improved reliability of trains and better value for money.

“The Transport Focus Delay Repay compensation awareness and ease of claim campaign will launch soon.

“Transport Focus wants to make more of a difference and boost its regional voice. Holding more public meetings, where transport providers can be held to account, at times and places more passengers can attend will ensure passengers have access to top decision makers.

“More detailed, independent benchmarking of individual rail route performance will be even more important in this new world. New super-complaint powers are also needed to ensure passengers have a voice when things go wrong.

“This boosting of the passenger voice can only happen with new resources. This would enable Transport Focus to further strengthen its ability to represent and understand passenger’s needs.”

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