Road User Voice – February 2016 – Research coming soon

02 February 2016

Driver attitude and behaviour, and its impact on journey satisfaction and safety: This literature review is at its initial stages.

Freight traffic through Kent: We are preparing research among lorry drivers to understand the facilities they require at the proposed lorry park – and also their views about queuing on the A20 into Dover (Operation Traffic Assessment Project/TAP).

Maps and apps: Much of our research on road users relies on them telling us where they have been, unlike public transport where we can approach them mid-journey. We look at how well people are able to use a static or interactive map (such as Google Maps) to indicate their journey compared to a paper map. We expect to publish this in February 2016.

National Road User Satisfaction Survey (NRUSS) data analysis: We’ve analysing the last four years of NRUSS data and expect to publish the results in February 2016.

Operation Stack – understanding HGV drivers’ needs: We have prepared a research project to understand the experiences of freight drivers caught up in Operation Stack. It is ready and waiting next time Operation Stack is deployed.

Road user input to Highways England’s route strategies: We are carrying out research to help shape the 18 route strategies, a key input to the Road Investment Strategy for 2020-25. This is funded by Highways England.

Road users’ experiences and needs when roadworks or incidents cause delays: Fieldwork will take place in February 2016.

Roadside facilities: We are carrying out research to find out road users’ needs and experiences of roadside facilities, including their motivation for using, or not using, the range of facilities available. Fieldwork is progressing well. 

Summary of priorities for improvements among non-motorised users: Interviews with organisations representing non-motorised users is ongoing.

Transfer of the National Road User Satisfaction Survey (NRUSS) to Transport Focus: Transport Focus will carry out and publish the NRUSS from April 2016 and run it alongside the new survey until March 2018.

For more detail on the research that we are doing, check out thecoming soon section of our website.

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