Transport User Voice – Case study August 2017

31 July 2017

Mr B purchased a ticket with c2c for the 7.28 train into London. He waited at the platform but the train did not arrive and there were no signs or warnings of disruption nor any announcements.

Mr B was later able to speak to a member of staff who did not know anything about the delays or when the train would arrive. Mr B waited another 30 minutes but still no service arrived. As Mr B had work at 9.00 he returned home and drove his car instead, costing him £34 in parking fees.

When he complained to c2c it would only refund £8.85 for his train ticket. c2c would not refund the car parking fees as these fall under consequential loss which companies are not liable for. Mr B was unhappy with this response and contacted Transport Focus.

We appealed his case to c2c as we believed it only fair for them to pay the fees as there was no information regarding the disruption and Mr B was left out of pocket. After contacting c2c it advised there was a signalling failure which meant the train was cancelled last minute. c2c apologised and offered to pay the additional car parking costs Mr B incurred.

Even though c2c were not liable for these additional costs we felt this demonstrated good customer service in light of the situation. Mr B was extremely happy with the outcome and thanked us for our assistance.

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