Transport User Voice – December 2022 – Sort My Sign

29 November 2022

If it’s not clear, it’s not safe

Our bid to make road signs clearer has resulted in real improvements for users of motorways and major ‘A’ roads managed by National Highways.

We asked users to report signs they want sorted and have received nearly 300 reports. Problems include being unreadable, confusing, damaged or missing. It’s great to see that three in four reports have now been sorted. And, don’t worry, we will continue to chase up the rest.

As a result of the reports we’ve seen, we have asked National Highways to:

  • manage vegetation better and clean signs more often so drivers can see them properly
  • be quicker at getting signs repaired or replaced when damaged
  • improve its approach to renewing worn out signs
  • make continuous small improvements like adding new signs or moving them to a better position.

National Highways is working to improve network inspections to make sure signs are monitored more effectively. There’s also an online portal for road users to report problems and National Highway will continue to ask road users for their feedback.

We’ll keep pressing National Highways to deliver lasting improvements for road users when it comes to permanent signs on its roads.

Take a look at the report here.


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