National Rail Passenger Survey – NRPS – Spring 2015 – Main Report

25 June 2015

The National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) provides a network-wide picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of passenger journeys. Passengers’ overall satisfaction, overall atisfaction with the station and train, and satisfaction with 33 specific aspects of service can therefore be compared over time.

Main fieldwork took place between 18 January and 29 March 2015. Top-up shifts were done within the last three weeks of the fieldwork period.

This document contains passenger ratings of their journey for each individual train operating company (TOC) in chapter three. Ratings are also provided for each sector i.e. London and the South East, long-distance, and regional operators (chapter two). We also include some tables showing passenger ratings for certain specific aspects of service for all TOCs on one page (chapter three), and results for routes within TOCs (chapter four). Chapter five shows which station and train factors have the biggest influence on whether a passenger is satisfied or dissatisfied.

Passengers’ ratings are also summarised nationally by totalling results for all TOCs across Great Britain (chapter two).

More analysis for each train company can be found in ‘at-a-glance’ guides which are available for each train company and for Great Britain on the Transport Focus website. Other NRPS analysis is also available and readily accessible.

Detailed analysis for the last six waves is available through our on-line system Reportal and summary data (including 10 waves of trend data) is available through our open data tool which can be accessed via the following link: 

National Rail Passenger Survey - NRPS - Spring 2015 - Main Report.pdf
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