Open Data strategy

22 September 2013

Open data is information that is available for anyone to use, for any purpose, at no cost. All open data has to be licensed by its owner as open data; this permits people to reuse it.

Passenger Focus publishes research and handles rail complaint appeals. We use both of these activities to work constructively with the industry to achieve improvements for passengers.

We already allow access to the National Passenger Survey (NPS) and Bus Passenger Survey (BPS) data through our website. Despite this, we have ambitions to make ourselves an even more transparent organisation and we believe that improving access to our data can empower passengers, and enable the industry to drive service standards even higher.

The increasing availability of up-to-date data in the public domain offers new opportunities for Passenger Focus which could change how we work as an organisation. We need to ensure that we are prepared for this and are able to exploit these opportunities to benefit passengers.

Click the link below to see how we will open up our data to passengers.

Open Data Strategy v2.pdf
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